All the trading business of the ROBERT MÜLLER Group is pooled in two subsidiaries that operate independently:

ROBERT MÜLLER Handel (GmbH & Co.) KG
ROBERT MÜLLER B.S. GmbH By-Product Supply

Both companies function as independent trading businesses and in so doing make use of the products of outside suppliers.

The core business of ROBERT MÜLLER Handel (GmbH & Co.) KG KG involves the marketing of numerous products that are used primarily in the European construction industry. ROBERT MÜLLER B.S. GmbH By-Product Supply constitutes a strategic enhancement in the trading segment, being focused on marketing the by-product of power plants.

Many years of experience with our products as well as enduring contact with European manufacturers and producers enables us at any time to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers as well as to draw on a large variety of different products.

The principal buyers of our products and services include particularly cement and gypsum plasterboard plants, concrete block and copper producers, sewage treatment plants as well as screed makers throughout Europe.

You will find an overview of our current product range under the “Products” menu item.

Please talk to us if the product you require is not mentioned here! We will be pleased to help you in the search for the optimum products for you.


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