Shipping and Logistics

All shipping and logistics operations of the ROBERT MÜLLER Group are pooled in two subsidiaries that operate independently:

ROBERT MÜLLER Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG
ROBERT MÜLLER Logistik (GmbH & Co.) KG

The core business of ROBERT MÜLLER Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG KG involves organising and carrying out all-in transport by inland waterway and ocean-going vessel. In addition to the transport, this also includes the handling and storage of the cargo. The Company is a managing owner in the coastal vessel sector and is also a specialist carrier of contaminated substances (e.g. contaminated soil, sludge). Furthermore, ROBERT MÜLLER Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG functions as carrier of the Group’s own trade merchandise. We are therefore in a position to supply all products and goods to our customers on a “free domicile” basis. In addition, as a ship broker ROBERT MÜLLER Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG maintains long-standing contact with shipping lines and companies around the world.

ROBERT MÜLLER Logistik (GmbH & Co.) KG is focused on organising and executing road and rail transport, including the ancillary services of handling and storage, across Europe.

In addition, we offer agency services in northern German ports together with our proven partner companies. These ports include Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Brunsbüttel, Rostock und Peenemünde.


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