Robert Müller, born in the town of Nienburg an der Saale on 11 July 1877, established his Hamburg-based ship brokerage business in 1911. In the years thereafter, the Robert Müller Company began its trading activity, primarily involving stone for waterway and road building. A major salt trading business was set up in the wake of this activity.

After the Company built up its own fleet of ships, which were either sunk during the Second World War or thereafter had to be ceded to the Soviet Union as reparations, its new owner Johann Hahne ensured the Company’s continued, successful existence. He expanded the business, built up a new fleet, which was later sold again, and further broadened the trading operations alongside the shipping business.

Following comprehensive restructuring at the beginning of the new century, which above all involved focusing on the Group’s core businesses, today’s shape of the Group (see Trading and Logistics) emerged under managing partner Michael Hahne.


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